How it works?

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    Add Your Property

    List your property at Stayoo with complete details like number of rooms, amenities, rates and rules. You can upload photos of your property so that guests can choose your property for all the good things about your property.

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    Increase Occupancy

    You'll receive booking requests from guests across the Country. Choose your guests and make sure your property enjoys maximum occupancy.

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    Choose Your Guests

    It's completely up to you to accept or reject any guests on any given time. You are free to declines requests form guests who you find uncomfortable to let them into your home. Before you can accept a guest's request, you can check out their profile and reviews, or contact them through chat..

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    Receive Your Payment

    24 hours after your guests check in, we will automatically transfer your payment to your Paypal or bank account. We will ensure safety of the transaction.

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    Write A Review About Your Guests

    You can write a review about your guests soon after they leave. Similarly we will encourage your guests to leave a review about your property.

Advantages of Being a Host With Stayoo

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    Make Money Comfortably

    Stayoo can get you guests from across the country. So, you can literally make money effortlessly.

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    Photo Service

    Stayoo team can help you shoot your property professionally so that you can showcase your property in best light. Professional photos can work wonders in attracting guests to your property.

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    You Can Specify Your Conditions

    Stayoo allows you to specify all the conditions required to rent your property such as price, number of guests, minimum rental period, pet policy, smoking restrictions, cleaning charges etc.,

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    Free Customer Support

    If you have any problem with booking or with any of the guest, Stayoo customer care team can help resolve the issue at the least possible time. You are free to contact our customer care team any time during the day.

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