Privacy Policy

Stayoo provides an instant solution to your short stay accommodation needs. User may be using computers, laptop, mobile devices, tablets or any other type of hardware with an operating system and an internet browsing application to access the website and to exchange information from any part of the world.

This privacy policy intends to showcase how far we are committed towards protecting your information and privacy. In the course of our regular operations, we gather and disclose your information as intended by other users. To make the privacy policies clearer, here is a brief explanation on the information practices we follow, and the possible ways you can choose the collection and usage of your information.

An overview about our privacy policy

We give utmost respect to protect your online privacy and in managing your personal information that are been shared with us. Personal information is inclusive of your name, residential address, email address, pictures and other contact details. If you are a visitor to this site, we do not request you to share any of your personal data. Your personal information will be required when you want to avail our specific services provided in our site. You need to get yourself registered with us by creating an ‘Account’. This will need your email address to generate a confidential password which you will use it later to access your account and other services. You may be asked for additional information as and when needed in the future. The personal information we request from you is used to identify the authenticity of your account, to communicate with you whenever required, and to make necessary improvements in our service.

Information requested from our members

While booking an accommodation with us, users will have to provide their contact information like name, address, phone number, email address, pictures and demographic information like zip code or pin code, etc. This information is stored in a database and it is a mandatory requirement for ensuring your identity that extends permission to access our services. Your user information will be required when you log into our website using a third party social networking sites. Users are free to log into our website through other social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. When you try to log into our website as per the third party login method, you will be required to feed your login user ID which in most cases is your email address, and your confidential password. The Information that we gather through these social networking sites are exchanged and stored in our database.

To know more about the information shared by social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, etc, you should get to know the privacy policy of the respective site. We hold no control over the disclosure of any of your personal information by such social networking sites. When you log into our website through the social networking site using your user id and password, we’ll request you to access your details like name, mail id, list of all friends, gender, profile picture, cover image, networks, etc which are kept in Public, send email to your id, have access to your data whenever you are offline on Facebook, and to access your profile information.

t is to be noted that if you allow us to have access to these information, we’ll retain the access even if you do not have them in public. To know in detail about the information sharing by social websites, check with the Privacy Policy of the respective social network site. We have no control over the disclosure of your personal information with us. All your personal information received through social networking site and the ones you provide to us directly are stored with us. In future, if you wish to avail our services, in addition to knowing your personal information, we’ll require your financial information like credit card number, expiry date of your credit card, billing address, and much more.

We make use of these Financial Information to know your qualification for registering with us, bill for the services we provide and for similar other needs. None of the Financial Information is shared with any outside party except in case we need to share it for providing the service you requested from us.

External links on website

External links include the hyperlinks given to other websites. We do not control any of these website that the companies or individuals provide in By becoming a member with us, you agree that we are in no way responsible for the presence of any external website or resource, and that we do not endorse any sort of advertising, material or product belonging to other website. You also agree that we will not be responsible or liable for the loss or trouble you face by using the external sites or resource.

Use of your personal information

We make use of your contact information which you provide in your booking form. This is used to share details about our service and for other needs as and when required. In case of any troubles with our server or to administer our site, we use your IP address..Your IP is also helpful in identifying you and other demographic information. We further make use of your IP to protect fraudulent practices. Which will also help us to keep enhancing our security procedures on and on as per the development in technology.


You agree that the offering may be inclusive of details which we consider to be confidential and that none of these information be disclosed to others unless you obtain a written consent from us. Any information that we consider to be confidential will remain so without getting divulged to any third party unless there comes a legal requirement for the same. None of your personal information will be sold, shared or rented for any reason, and your email id will not be used for unsolicited mail. Mails we share with you will be solely related to the provision of service or product as requested by the customer.

How do we disclose your information?

Owing to the prevailing regulatory environment, it is not that none of your private information or other personally identifiable information will be kept confidential all the time without disclosure as stated in our Privacy Policy. For instance: we may have to share these details to the government, any third party or law enforcement agency. In few circumstances, it may be that your personal information or communication with us and your transmissions may be intercepted unlawfully. Or, chances are that someone may try abusing these information and misuse the same. Though we strictly follow all required standard practices for protecting the privacy of information and communication, we do not promise or guarantee, and you cannot expect from us to retain all the details private throughout. As per our policy, we never sell or rent your communication or other personally identifiable information to any third party. Check out the following ways in which your personally identifiable information might get disclosed:


We gather all your personally identifiable information in a non-personally identifiable way. These are given to third parties or advertisers for promotional or advertising needs. We anyway make sure not to disclose any of your personal information in such a way that the entity or third party can identify you personally. It is also to be noted that confidential information like your name, address, bank details like credit card number or bank account number, etc are never shared even as non-personally identifiable information. Third party advertising companies are engaged in our business to help promote on our behalf. These third party companies will make use of cookies or action tags in order to find out the measure of effectiveness of advertising. Information that are obtained through cookies or action tags are entirely anonymous.

Payment requirements

The User information shared with us will be shared with trusted and reliable third-party payment gateway who are in association with us. This is helpful for ensuring comfortable and easy payment mechanism for the user. Third-party payment gateways of this kind have their own privacy policies as per which we need to provide information for your purchase-related transactions. It is recommended for you to go through the privacy policies mentioned in their website. This can fetch you a better understanding about the ways in which your personal information and credit or debit card details will be handled. Once you get redirected to a third-party’s website for payment process, you will then be governed by the respective website’s policies and not ours.

External service providers

Various external service providers offer number of services. These can be of help for you to choose our website. When you share your personal information with them and allow them to gather your personal information, you will only be governed by the respective website’s privacy policy.

Other corporate entities

We have our own subsidiaries to help us provide necessary service across the world. We share your personally identifiable information with such subsidiaries to provide the necessary service. These entities in turn protect your information the ways in which similar information from other users are handled. Possibilities are that, our subsidy may merge together or get acquired by another entity. In such a case, you need to know that we would take liberty to share your details so as to continue providing our service. You will anyway be notified in such an event.

Law and order

All sorts of law enforcement inquiries are complied by us, and our third party entities follow the same too. For example: intellectual property rights, fraud and similar other rights. We are bound to share any of your personal information to the government official or law enforcement. This is done believing that any connection with investigation on fraud cases, or other illegal activities may put forth us or you into legal liability.

For your access on other member information

As a member and user of our services, you will have access to the personal information of other users. By being our user, you agree to make use of the other user information only for sharing purpose and to communicate through our site. We or our users shall not tolerate any sort of spam activities. Any account that is suspected to cause spam will be immediately removed and the user shall not be allowed to become our member at anytime again. You do not have permission to communicate through email, or send marketing or spam messages without getting prior consent from us. In any case of such spam messages, users are free to contact our customer support team and report about the issue. You agree that all the information to which you have access are solely the responsibility of the source person who originated the content.

Access, review or change in profile

The information you provided at the time of registering with us can be modified or reviewed as required. Though you are free to make changes in the information, your old information will be kept in track by us. Registration information such as your name, address, zip code, contact number, state, country, etc can be altered. To make your profile hidden from others viewing it, you may get in touch with our customer support team and get it done (check our contact us page to contact our customer support executive). Any information that is told to get removed will still be kept in track by us. We’ll keep it retained all through. Owing to technical constraints and legal constraints, we will never make a permanent deletion of such information from our database. So, you can never expect that all your personally identifiable information will be permanently deleted at anytime upon your request.

Password privacy

You will be required to choose a password at the time of becoming a user with us. It is your sole responsibility to maintain your password confidential. By becoming our user, you agree that you will never use the name, user id, mail id or password of our other users, and not to disclose your password to anyone else. If at any point, you share your information to a third party wanting to have additional service, it is your sole responsibility for all the actions performed using your login details and password. It is recommended to read through the privacy policy of the third party before you choose to share your details. By sharing your user id and password, if you lose your control over your account and the personally identifiable information, you may be subjected to legal actions. Hence, it is advisable to change your password in any such case, when you suspect any unauthorized action in your account, you agree to bring it to our notice immediately.

Other information collectors

This privacy policy is a document that is addressing the use and sharing of information which is collected from you. Information sharing and disclosure done with other parties or websites on the web has got their unique rules which are applicable to the disclosure of information with them. Considering the third party advertisers we use, they have their own privacy policies for their website. We will have no control over any of their privacy policy. It is your sole responsibility to question them before sharing your personal information with their site.


According to us, any information shared with us is an asset. We make use of varied levels of security so as to ensure confidentiality of information and proper protection from unauthorized access or usage by insiders or outsiders. Though all these steps are taken, there is nothing called a perfect level of protection. So, you therefore agree that there are possibilities for security breaches which are out of control beyond the standard security measures we take.

Changes in Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

We may change our procedures of collecting and using the Personal Information (Database & Cookies policies) at any time and without prior notice, at our sole discretion. Accordingly, we may change the Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy as required from time to time. You agree to get fit to the changes we make and your continued use of our website is a sign of acceptance of the modifications made in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. Announcements about these changes will be put up on our home page and other highly visible places of our website. It is thus recommended to re-read the entire Terms of Service regularly. If you do not agree with any change made in Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies, you are free to terminate your account with our website immediately.


Internet browsers collect data according to the website application policy. This collection called as Cookies are stored and re-used in future sessions. The Cookies files stored on your hard drive help to quick functionalities and provide customized services.

  • To enable, facilitate and streamline the functioning of the Platform across different webpages and browser sessions.
  • To simplify your access to and use of the Platform and make it more seamless.
  • To monitor and analyze the performance, operation and effectiveness of the Platform, so that we can improve and optimize it.
  • To show you content that matches your preferences which are more relevant to you.

Optionally, your browser may allow you to set or customize cookies policies, such as declining all cookies or prompting you to decide whether to accept each cookie. Such settings may affect the services of the website if not adjusted according to our website requirement. We may also allow our business partners to place cookies on your device. There are two types of cookies used by the browsers, namely “persistent cookies” and “session cookies”.

Session cookies will normally expire when you close your browser, while persistent cookies will remain on your device after you close your browser, and can be used again the next time you access the Platform.

Our privacy policy will apply to our treatment of the information we obtain via our cookies as well.

Other Methods of Cookies

The Platform may also use other technologies with similar functionality to cookies, such as web beacons and tracking URLs to obtain Log Data about users. We may also use web beacons and tracking URLs in our messages to you to determine whether you have opened a certain message or accessed a certain link.

Uses for third party cookies

Our partners may as well use cookies; such cookies are intended to obtain information to help them provide services to us. For example, third party advertisement companies and service providers, use cookies to understand user preferences on our platform, to relevantly market and advertise the listings or services to you on this platform and also in third party websites, including the social networking sites.

Disabling Cookies

Cookies are necessary to run the application seamlessly. If you choose to disable the cookies or decline cookies, please note that you may not be able to sign in, customize, or use some of the interactive features of the Platform. Cookies may vary by Flash, HTML & Database content. Cookie management tools available in a web browser will not remove all types of cookies. Please refer respective technologies website to set the preferences, to disable or to delete the cookies.

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